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The Zoo of Intelligent Animals

Book 2 of The Cleremont Conjectures

​Fast-paced, thrilling and inventive, The Zoo of Intelligent Animals is the prequel to the bestselling How to Buy a Planet. Offering the same combination of satire and adventure, this novel is perfect for fans of Matt Haig, Neil Gaiman, or Erin Morgenstern.

Click below to receive the opening three chapters entirely FREE. You'll be given the option to receive them in PDF or MOBI format.

The Cleremont Conjectures - D.A. Holdsworth

The Cleremont Conjectures is a series of sci-fi novels, grounded in the world of Number 55 Cleremont Avenue, the fictional home of the novels' heroes.

Both Books 1 and 2 offer a perfect entry into the series. You can find out more about both titles here.

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